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Lingolet ONE FAQ

How long does the battery last?

On a full charge, the Lingolet ONE will work for 10 hours.

How long does the battery take to fully charge?

When completely drained, the Lingolet ONE battery takes 1 hour to fully charge.

How do I check the battery life of my Lingolet ONE?

The battery life of your Lingolet ONE is displayed on the Bluetooth connection screen on your smart phone.

My bluetooth is not connecting to my Lingolet ONE. What should I do?

If you already successfully paired your Lingolet ONE to your phone, your phone should connect automatically to your Lingolet ONE whenever you power it on. However, if your phone cannot re-connect with your Lingolet ONE: - Turn the Lingolet ONE off. - On your phone, turn off Bluetooth. - Delete the existing Bluetooth connection to the Lingolet ONE. - Turn on the Lingolet ONE (long press the power button for at least 4 seconds). - On your phone, turn on Bluetooth. - Select Lingolet ONE from the list of bluetooth enabled devices. - Open the Lingolet ONE app. If connected, you should hear “Connected” when you open the app.

Can I replace the battery on my Lingolet ONE?

The lithium-ion battery in your Lingolet ONE should be serviced or replaced only by Lingolet, Inc. If you are having battery issues, please send an email to Lingolet support: Please do not attempt to remove or replace the Lithium ion battery in your Lingolet ONE. The use of unauthorized or incompatible power supplies, cables, chargers, or batteries with the Lingolet ONE may cause fire, explosion, or damage. Any attempt to remove or modify the battery will void your warranty.

What temperatures will the device work in?

Do not expose your Lingolet ONE device to high temperatures. Do not leave it in parked cars in the sunlight. Take care of your Lingolet ONE as any other digital device.

What are all the buttons and ports for?

What is Lingolet ONE?

Lingolet ONE is a pocket language assistant that integrates AI voice translation, live interpreter service, multilingual speech-to-text, and music audio receiver into a lifestyle gadget.

By combining machine translation with human interpreters, Lingolet ONE solves the language barrier in overseas travel and business, covering a wide variety of communication scenarios.

Through Speech-to-text, Lingolet ONE records and transcribes the speech whenever and wherever, highly improving your efficiency.

As a music audio receiver, Lingolet ONE also improves the practicability by providing superior audio experience, saving you from tangled cables when driving or doing sports.

How much is Lingolet ONE?

The Lingolet ONE device is starting at $99 on the official website.

For live interpreter service, additional service charges. Discount will be granted for bulk purchase.

Why combine machine translation with live interpreters?

AI translation is not always perfect. Our combination of humans and machines will improve the accuracy and work in more situations, which results in better translation for you.

Communication is complex in terms of culture and context.

Machine translation deals with simple and short conversations, such as asking directions and price, but difficult for long-term conversations.

Live interpreter is dedicated to providing complex, professional and personalized multilingual service, such as business conference and language-barrier emergencies such as property loss or accident.

How accurate is Lingolet ONE AI translation? Any latency?

The accuracy is above 97%, enough for simple daily conversations, but insufficient to deal with complex and professional communication.

The latency is within 1 second. Lingolet ONE recognizes your voice and translates in real-time. Latency may occur due to an unstable network.

Does Lingolet ONE support AI offline voice translation?

Currently no. We are working to integrate offline multilingual resources to support reliable offline translation in the future.

Is that correct? I understand that interpretation on ONE supports 180 languages.

AI translation & Multilingual speech-to-text: support two-way translation between 12 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian.

Live interpreter: support two-way interpreter only for English to the rest 11 languages and Chinese to the rest 11 languages.

We are working to expand more languages upon your request.

Does Lingolet ONE support two-way translation?

Yes. AI translation & multilingual speech-to-text supports two-way translation between 12 languages. The live interpreter service supports 180 languages.

Does the Lingolet ONE live interpreter service use internet calling?

Yes, as long as you have access to the Internet and the Lingolet ONE is connected to the Lingolet App. Long press on the recording button and you will be connected with a live interpreter within 30 seconds. Press the recording button again to end the call. It’s just like making a phone call.

Is the translation Lingolet ONE provided free of charge?

For a live interpreter, there is a fee. It is about US$2 per minute, depending on the language pair. We will soon offer flat monthly fees and annual fees.

Where can I add more minutes to the live interpreter service?

Through the Lingolet ONE app.

How does a Lingolet ONE interpreter answer the call?

Lingolet ONE has 1600 registered interpreters to answer your call.

Does Lingolet ONE support 24/7 interpreter service?

Yes, Lingolet ONE interpreter service guarantees 24/7 interpreter service.

How long do I have to wait for the interpreter to pick up the call?What if it's not answered?

Normally, You will be connected within 30 seconds. If not answered, please call again.

How does the Lingolet ONE connect to the Bluetooth on your phone? What if the connection doesn't work?

For the first time, long press the Lingolet ONE ON/OFF button, activate phone Bluetooth settings and click "Lingolet ONE" to pair up. Then open Lingolet ONE App to pair up, the notification tone will say "connected", the entire connection takes less than 30 seconds. For the second time, Lingolet ONE will be connected automatically.

If connection fails, reboot Lingolet ONE device, turn off the Bluetooth, erase the Bluetooth pairing history and ignore the paired Lingolet ONE signal.Then re-activate Bluetooth and repeat the steps above.

How to use the AI translation function?

Select the source and target languages in the app. Button A is the source language. Button B is the target language. Press the button to talk. Release the button and you will hear the translation.

To Record:

Press the record button. You’ll hear "Recording now." Press the same button again to save. The recording file is saved in the Lingolet ONE App. To Record Translations: Press the record button. You’ll hear "Recording now." The multilingual transcription happens in real-time. Press the same button again to save. The record file is saved in the Lingolet ONE App.

Can the transcription be copied, pasted and shared?


Can Lingolet ONE replace the traditional digital voice recording device?

Yes, Lingolet ONE supports recording, speech-to-text transcription, and multilingual translation of the transcription.

Can transcription records be saved?

Transcriptions of AI translation, live interpreter and multilingual speech-to-text can all be saved and checked in Lingolet ONE App.

What is the difference between the recording mode and the recording translation mode?

The recording mode supports recording, which can replace the traditional digital voice recording device. The APP also supports transcription, copy and paste.

The recording translation mode allows you to record and transcribe in real-time.

What are the interesting use cases of recording and the recording translation?

While traveling, record what you saw and thought and turn it into a travel diary or review.

For study, record the lecture and save study notes.

For business, record the meeting content and save the meeting minute.

For entertainment, watch TV in foreign language, record the lines and get the translation immediately.

For public speech, connect Lingolet ONE APP with large screen projection, the transcription comes out in real-time.

Can Lingolet ONE device function normally while APP is in the background?

Yes, Lingolet ONE can function properly as long as the device is connected via Bluetooth with your phone within 10 meters.

What is the value of a music audio receiver?

Listening to music with wired headphones is a part of our daily life. The TWS wireless headphones have not yet replaced the wired headphones completely in terms of length of use, connection stability, sound quality, etc.

Wired headphones are inseparable from your phone, which leaves subtle unpleasant experiences when listening to songs and answering the phone calls.

Lingolet ONE hopes to solve the pains and provide better experience in audio experience and battery run-time.

What is the function of the breathing light, why set it?

Breathing light will be flashing constantly while it's functioning, indicating that is working.

As a product design embellishment, we hope to increase the pleasure and fun when using it.

Why design a "personified" character in Lingolet ONE APP?

The design of the character is to endow more humanized interaction in communication instead of indifferent communication.

What is the collar clip design of Lingolet ONE for?

Lingolet ONE is pocket-size with a collar clip designed to facilitate hands-free moment, just like a lifestyle gadget, you can clip it on your pocket, bag or notebook.

Will Lingolet ONE translate the ambient noise?

No, Lingolet ONE is equipped with dual input, far field microphone and noise suppression technology, so it can pick up your voice accurately even in the middle of a noisy crowd.

How many microphones does the Lingolet ONE have? How's the sound?

Thanks to its compact design, Lingolet ONE can recognize the voice within 1 meter by using a customized dual-mic, with an accuracy of 95%.

For better performance, generally within 0.3 meters.

How is the sound of Lingolet ONE? Why is the speaker designed at the top?

Thanks to its compact design, the sound can be played more clearly through a customized speaker. When one person finishes talking and hands over Lingolet ONE to another, the speaker is more recognizable.

How long can a Lingolet ONE work continuously?

Normally a singular charge can work for about 10 hours. It takes 1 hour to be fully charged. Lingolet ONE is in OFF mode when recharging. After being fully charged, unplug the charging wire and there you go.

How many colors does Lingolet ONE provide?

There are currently 5 colors available, including Space Gray, Meteorite Black, Apple Green, Retro Dark Green and Cherry Red.

How to update Lingolet ONE?

The Lingolet ONE supports both software versions and Hardware firmware OTA upgrades. The R&D team will update the version based on user feedback and continue to provide a friendly experience and value-added services.

Where to purchase?

The Lingolet ONE can be purchased through Lingolet ONE's website, Amazon and eBay.

When the product will be delivered?

During the kickstarter campaign, according to the setting of each reward's estimated delivery time to know the delivery time.

Does Lingolet ONE ship around the world? How much is the freight?

Global shipping. Anywhere in the world.

How to contact the customer service?

Please send your questions to, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the warranty and after-sales policies for the Lingolet ONE?

In line with the national three guarantees policy, if there is a quality problem of non-human damage within one year from the date of sale, the warranty is free.

Why not use a free translation APP for language communication instead of Lingolet ONE?

Cell phones are personal belongings, sharing them may seem awkward and intrusive.

Translation Apps are many, but difficult to use, and translation is not in real-time.

The built-in microphone is poor, which undermines the accuracy of voice recognition and translation.

As a language accessory in your life, Lingolet ONE not only supports cross-language communication, but also improves your efficiency by recording and transcription, high performance with affordable price.

How does the Lingolet ONE differ from other hand-held or in-ear translators in terms of voice translation? (Iflytek, Google pixel buds, pilot, Ili and etc)

Language communication is complex and multi-scene, so there are many different ways of interaction.

For example, the Iflytek Translator II, which costs 2999 RMB, comes with a 4G + WIFi connection, making it more upscale.

Google Pixel Buds, one speaks through a pair of headphones, while the other understands the translated language through a hand-held mobile phone with Google translating APP. The phone you're using needs to support Google Pixel and There is no difference than translation APP.

In-ear Headphones need to share a headset to each other and ask each other to download an App to connect.This type of interaction applies more to acquaintances than to strangers.

Ili Translator supports one-way off-line communication, the advantage is off-line, the weakness is one-way, it is difficult to achieve normal two-way communication.

The above products solve the problem of language communication basically through machine translation. Lingolet ONE uses a combination of machine and human translation to solve the problem of short, complex, professional and emergency conversations. At the same time, the price is reasonable, so that more people can afford and can experience the fun of language technology.

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