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Lingolet Admin Portal

The unique language interpretation administration and management platform for organizations.

LAP is the Lingolet Admin Portal, the first unique SaaS platform to manage and administer language interpretation. The LAP provides a client-based product and management platform for your organization to customize so you can meet your needs for solving the language barrier internally or externally. 


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Create your own interpretation platform.

Lingolet offers a client-based products-and-management platform for your organization to customize so you can solve your language services internally or externally.

As an admin, you can deploy devices or applications, manage payments, set user permissions, administer, analyze, and track the consumption of each order. You get reports on usage, interpretations, language pairs, and so on when using Lingolet products.

1. Deploy

Administrators register new devices easily on the LAP. Devices can be enabled or disable in batch for a quick deployment in large organizations.

2. Admin Permissions

Admin sets permissions for user lists with different rights to use the Lingolet Hybrid app, web platform, and Lingolet Pro devices.

Save time and solve the language barrier.

Lingolet's goal is to show how cutting-edge language hybrid technology with the LAP admin management platform can deliver capabilities to communicate quickly and effectively to increase your company's growth and service to your markets.

We provide the most efficient service for all language needs for a broader global market by offering customized solutions to solve the language barrier

5. Report

User management and access permissions are supported. User data can be securely erased to ensure privacy and data integrity.

6. Secure

User management and access permissions are supported in the Platform. User data can be securely erased to ensure privacy and data integrity.

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Medical and Healthcare

Legal interpreters certification.

Education (K-12, Higher Education)

The devices for legal remote interpreting.

Language Service Providers


Personal/Travel / Tourism / Hospitality

On-demand remote legal interpreting.

Global Business/Enterprise/Professional Organizations

The management platform for remote legal interpreting.

Government(Federal, State)

Lingolet PRO With LAP

Lingolet Hybrid Lingolet Hybrid makes remote audio/video interpretation easier, more affordable, and high efficiency. Never get lost in translation and transcription. Meet all the language needs of the professionals in different chains of the global market.

LAP lets you manage the payment, user permission, administration, functions of Lingolet Hybrid, analyze and track the consumption of each order under the organization, and get reporting.

Lingolet PRO is a device made for legal remote interpreting.

The Hybrid Platform With LAP

Lingolet PRO is a customized portable language device where you can call a certified interpreter by audio and have face-to-face communication by AI Interpreter.

The LAP lets admins manage the Lingolet PRO devices, grant permission, analyze and track the consumption, and get reporting.

Lingolet Hybrid Platform is made for remote legal interpreting.

Ready to get better communication.

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