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Service Quality, Security,

Our technology connects you to the best interpreter while ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

The Certified Interpreters

Lingolet Professional Certified Interpreter Network is a growing resource pool of certified interpreters with experience in over 200 languages. The top 40 languages are robustly supported to ensure the best global availability and scalability for any healthcare organization.

  • Interpreters' experience: Our platform connects you to interpreters who have a minimum of three years of experience and are always HIPAA-compliant.

  • Technology readiness: Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) professionals and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) professionals in the Professional Interpreter Network are further vetted for technology readiness. They are given additional training for each modality, including competency in using Lingolet technology for the support of OPI and VRI. 

  • File Encryption - Transparent Data Encryption encrypts data at the file level and protects the encryption keys with certificates to prevent stored data exposure.


  • Field Encryption - 256-bit version of SHA encrypts database fields including email addresses, address information, phone numbers, and patient personal identifiers.


  • Communication Encryption - All endpoints for communication are fully encrypted with TSL/SSL Access Security Access to stored data is granted on a “need to know” basis and uses the principle of “least privilege” through appropriate roles; server infrastructure is only available through secure VPN, infrastructure is not internet accessible, requests are encrypted using HTTPS 443, use of cloud-based SMTP service to implement spam filtering and anti-virus measures.

Our platform is cloud-based and highly scalable. The application is designed and managed in alignment with the best security practices, a variety of IT security standards, and industry-specific standards, including HIPAA and Cloud Security Alliance.