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Voice-to-Text Transcription

Get your audio and video files transcribed by Lingolet AI. Upload audio and get a written transcript. You can also add reviews and editing by our experienced transcribers for better quality.

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How it Works

  • Upload your audio, get a bid, click, and get your transcription.

  • The text file is .txt format for you to review and edit.

  • You can also add review by human transcribers who review the audio and text if any corrections are needed.


What You Can Transcribe: 

  • You can transcribe recordings of your meetings, conference calls, video calls, lectures, interviews, podcast, or voicemail.

  • You can record your audio diary and use Lingolet to transcribe to a text file.

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Why Lingolet.AI

A suite of powerful features that make it easy to transcribe audio and video.

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Our speech-to-text technology enables you to turn your voice into text in mere seconds.

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Audio-to-text converters support more than 30 languages and accents.

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Transcription service makes searching audio data easy and allows users to search in natural language.

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The proofreading interface enables users to edit the results of the speech recognition process.

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Export audio transcription results in the format of .txt file.

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