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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Get Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) with Lingolet Hybrid Platform.

VRI stands for Video Remote Interpreting. VRI uses live-streamed online video call with web cameras or video phones for interpretation of spoken languages or sign language.

Lingolet's on-demand VRI technology is the ideal interpreting solution for professional real-time language communication. Organizations can work efficiently with greater flexibility at a lower cost.

  • Medical and Healthcare

  • Language Service Providers

  • Global Business/Enterprise/Professional Organizations

  • Education (K-12, Higher Education)

  • Legal/Judicial

  • Government (Federal, State)

  • Personal/Travel/Tourism/Hospitality

  • Insurance

Video Remote Interpreting should be as seamless as possible.

We bring our technology to make it convenient and manageable for you and your staff.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is the new smart way to get around social distancing stand the pandemic for a vast number of industries and different chains in the global market.

Lingolet is proud to bring best-in-class language innovation technology to the VRI market with a fast, easy, powerful, and low-cost solution. Lingolet released LAP, the first intuitive on-demand solution based on a complete management platform. With the Lingolet Hybrid app and a web-based platform, you can enjoy one-step video call with professional interpreters within 30 seconds. The Lingolet LAP system lets organizations manage and adminstrate all interpretation data easily.

lingolet interpreter video.png

Lingolet Interpreter Video for OPI & VRI. Click to select languages. See participants via video. HD mic & speakers for clear sound.

Products Collection

Untitled design (8).png

Lingolet Interpreter Tablet for OPI & VRI. Click to select languages. See participants via video. HD mic & speakers for clear sound.

Untitled design (16).png

Lingolet Interpreter Conference for OPI. Place on a conference table for multiple participants. HD mic & speakers for clear sound.

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