Lingolet ONE: One Device to Translate in Real-time & More

Translate Your Voice in Real-time with Lingolet ONE

 Talk any language, anywhere.

Translate your voice in real-time, transcribe and call a human interpreter whenever you need to.


Lingolet ONE AI translator helps you on the go for travel, business, studies, and much more.

Translate Your Conversations to 12 Languages in Real-Time

The translator is powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

Translate with less than one-second latency and 98% accuracy. 

Speak in your language, and hear the translation. Let the other person speak and hear the translation in your language. It is as simple as that.

Call a Professional Interpreter 185 Languages Covered

On-demand interpretation with Lingolet ONE

If you need more than machine translation, you are one button away from a real interpreter, available 24/7 for you in 250 languages. Yes, 250.


You only pay per minute. You can call your interpreter for one minute or two hours, it's on your demand.

The transcriptor is powered by artificial intelligence

Transcribe and translate everything. Record your voice memos, business meetings, conferences... and translate them in real-time.


You can use your Lingolet ONE for your notes, your classes, your meetings, teaching sessions... For a lot of things actually.

Transcribe and Translate 
Your Voice with Lingolet One

Twelve Languages Supported by Our Machine Translation




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