Why should you become an online interpreter

​What Is an Online Interpreter?

As technology advances, online interpretation solutions are being developed to meet new interpretation needs.

​How Does the Online Interpreter Differ From the Traditional Interpreter?

Online interpretation ignores the disadvantages of in-person interpreting and remote interpreting. 

They benefit from virtual interpreting technologies to explore new ways of communication with their clients.


The interpreters work remotely but are connected to a technological platform to answer the needs of their clients without a traditional phone line. Also, the online interpreter can communicate and translate with a video configuration.

​What Are the Advantages of the Online Interpreter?

Online interpreters work in audio or video configuration with their clients. Unlike traditional ways to interpret, online interpretation offers a lot of advantages:

  • Cost-efficient: Online interpreters can interpret remotely. They don't need to move onsite so their fees are cheaper.

  • Availability: Since online interpreters don't need to move onsite, there are more available to answer their clients' needs.

  • Waiting time: Online interpreters are connected to a platform and can be reached directly regarding their actual availabilities.

  • Visual communication: The video configuration allows online interpreters to see their clients and use visual cues for a more accurate interpretation.

​Why Choose Lingolet Online Interpreters?

With Lingolet, you can benefit from the most flexible features and devices to reach online certified interpreters in more than 185 languages and 30+ industries.

30 seconds
to reach an interpreter.

No appointment.

Interpreters are on-demand. 

Pay by the minute.

Save money.

Smart Interpretation Devices

Mobile Applications


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