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​What Is an Online Interpreter?

The online interpreter is someone brand new in the interpretation space. As the technology advances, online interpretation solutions are being developed by remote interpreting services to meet new interpretation needs. 

The online interpreter works remotely for his clients.

​How Does the Online Interpreter Differ From the Traditional Interpreter?

The online interpreter interprets online.

Online interpretation ignores the disadvantages of in-person interpreting and remote interpreting.

The online interpreter benefits from virtual interpreting technologies to explore new ways of communication with their clients.


The interpreters work remotely but are connected to a technological platform to answer the needs of their clients without a traditional phone line.


Also, the online interpreter can communicate and translate via video, allowing the sign interpreter to use online interpretation.

​What Are the Advantages of the Online Interpreter?

The advantages of the online interpreter.

Online interpreters work in audio or video configuration with their clients. Unlike traditional ways to interpret, online interpretation offers a lot of advantages:

  • Cost-efficient: Online interpreters can interpret remotely. They don't need to move onsite so their fees are cheaper.

  • Availability: Since online interpreters don't need to move onsite, there are more available to answer their clients' needs.

  • Waiting time: Online interpreters are connected to a platform and can be reached directly regarding their actual availabilities.

  • Visual communication: The video configuration allows online interpreters to see their clients and use visual cues for a more accurate interpretation.

​Why Choose Lingolet's Online Interpreters?

With Lingolet, you can benefit from the most flexible features and devices to reach online certified interpreters in more than 200 languages and 30+ industries.

Online interpreters are fast.

30 seconds
to reach an interpreter.

Online interpreters are on-demand.

No appointment.

Interpreters are on-demand. 

You can pay online interpreters by the minute.

Pay by the minute.

Save money.

Are You Looking for an Online Interpretation Solution?

We make medical interpretation instant and intuitive for your doctors.

Lingolet's online interpretation solution.
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