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The Most Comprehensive Remote Interpreting Solution

Remote interpreting is on the rise. Social distancing and infection risks require companies to find new solutions to benefit from excellent language services.

Lingolet is the first one to offer a complete and reliable solution for organizations.

Lingolet remote interpreting solution is the first platform for certified interpreting.

Remote interpreting is more than ever indispensable for healthcare facilities and international business. Social distancing and infection risks have revealed the necessity and advantages of reliable remote interpreting services for organizations.

In 2020, technological solutions have emerged to ensure remote access to interpreting. Lingolet is the first to offer an on-demand solution with more than 30,000 interpreters and a complete management platform for administrators.
Find out what features are available for remote interpreting on the market today and what is Lingolet solution.

The Characteristic Features of Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting services have developed with the internet for a few years. They ensure a new way to interpret for companies, but they don't always offer their clients the same features.

1. Online / Offline

The internet is changing the channels of communication for interpretation. Instead of calling a telephonic line to reach an offline interpreter, there are now online interpreters you can contact through more means thanks to the internet.

2. On-demand / With Waiting Time

Language service providers don't always offer a seamless service. On-demand is becoming the new rule of interpreting, but it is not rare to encounter waiting times to reach the interpreter.

3. Over-the-Phone / Video Remote

Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) is an audio mode of interpretation only, whereas Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) permits to keep the visual cues and interpret for the deaf and the hard of hearing with sign interpreters.

4. Certification

Remote services may or may not provide certified interpreters for specific industries. Remote medical interpreting provides medical interpreters, whereas remote legal interpreting provides legal interpreters.

5. Compliance

Industry-specific remote services comply with various sets of professional regulations or norms such as HIPAA, GDPR, or data encryption.

​​What We Add to Remote Interpreting

Lingolet is the first platform for certified interpreting, artificial language tools, and administration management.

It is immediate, easy-of-use, and intuitive.

The management platform for remote interpreting.

Management Platform

The consistency of lingolet remote interpreting.

More than 30,000 Interpreters
and 185 languages

The devices for remote interpreting.

​IoT Devices, Mobile, and Web Platform


Confidential Artificial Intelligence

Lingolet remote interpreting is intuitive.

​Intuitive, No Training Needed

Pay remote interpreting per-the-minute.

Per-the-Minute Billing

The Lingolet PRO

Lingolet PRO is a device made for remote interpreting.

The Hybrid Platform

Get remote interpreting with Lingolet Hybrid Platform.

Our Products For Remote Interpreting

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