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I Want a Translator Which Works Everywhere

By Camille Bouvet, Lingolet Intern

I Want a Translator Which Works Everywhere

In some countries, the websites we are used to are not accessible because of government decisions. For example, in China, social networks like Facebook or WhatsApp do not work. Free online translators are therefore not always available. But, how to go to China without having access to a translator? Mandarin is very complicated and time-consuming to learn and is nothing like English or Latin languages.  

 Lingolet is a fully encrypted and secure translator that is accessible from anywhere in the world! Lingolet's developers are located in China and the United States; this collaboration implies that its features are available worldwide. Indeed, accessibility to Lingolet from anywhere on earth was one of our first goals!  

The Lingolet team is made up of employees from all over the world. We are all passionate about travel; this commonality is embedded in the company's values! The discovery of new cultures is always an enriching experience. Download the Lingolet app on your smartphone and contact a certified interpreter in less than 30 seconds every day of the year, or use our great translation tools. So, do not hesitate longer to go and discover the world.


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