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Introducing Lingolet Hybrid Platform with Lingolet Admin Portal

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The unified hybrid language platform for professionals accessible on mobile and web applications.

Lingolet Hybrid is the first unified interpretation platform built-in on-demand video interpretation, on-demand over-phone interpretation, AI Translation, AI Transcription, document translation, and human proofreading language technologies meeting all the language needs for a vast range of industries and different chains of the global market.

Human and AI Hybrid Platform.

With Lingolet Human and AI Hybrid Platform, it’s accessible to solve the language barrier for professionals on app and web applications.

On-demand Remote Video/Audio Interpretation: Connect certified interpreters by audio or video call for remote communication. Reach certified interpreters within 30s in 300+ languages, 24/7.

AI Interpreter: Get instant face-to-face communication for language barrier by our AI Interpreter technology.

Document Translation: Translate the written word into another language. You can upload a variety of file formats preserving the original structure and format and can request translation in 12 languages.

Speech Transcription: Get real-time transcriptions as closed caption text during your meetings, webinars, lectures, or any live events in any of our twelve languages with AI-powered speech recognition and Human proofreading.

Audio Transcription: Get your transcriptions in any of our twelve languages by uploading your audio file from a computer or Google drive with AI-powered speech recognition and Human proofreading.

Who we are targeted.

Lingolet's responsibility is to show how the cutting-edge language hybrid technology with the admin management platform LAP delivers the capabilities to communicate quickly and effectively to increase your company's growth and service to their markets.

We provide the most efficient service to all the language needs for a broader global market by offering customized solutions to solve the language barrier

  • Medical and Healthcare

  • Language Service Providers

  • Global Business/Enterprise/Professional Organizations

  • Education (K-12, Higher Education)

  • Legal / Judicial

  • Government(Federal, State)

  • Personal/Travel / Tourism / Hospitality

  • Insurance

Lingolet Admin Portal for Lingolet Hybrid.

The Lingolet Hybrid Platform is administered and managed by the Lingolet LAP, the unique language interpretation solution for organizations. LAP lets you manage the payment, user permission, administration, functions of Lingolet Hybrid, analyze and track the consumption of each order under the organization, and get reporting.

We create two kinds of administrators to manage the LAP for Lingolet Hybrid, the Enterprise Administrator of the organizations and the Super Administrator of Lingolet.

Key features of the Enterprise Administrator

  • Admin Management: Admin permission with different rights to manage the LAP system, set up their own company's user list to use Lingolet Hybrid app and Web Platform.

  • Payment and billing management: Recharge the balance by admin to easily manage the users to access Lingolet Hybrid app and web-based platform. Review, analyze and download all the data charts about the purchasing history, Interpreter calls in which time with kind of language pairs, order billings.

  • Report: Admin can obtain every day, every week, every month, every year data from the minutes, languages, and the users.

Key Features of Super Administrator -- Lingolet controls this Super Admin

  • Add a new Enterprise account by sending them the activated link and Password

  • Set up the Enterprise account list

  • Can review each enterprise' data report about how many users use how many minutes in what kind of language pairs by each interpreter. all about the data of the users, minutes, interpreters, and languages for each enterprise


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