Why Use Hybrid Interpreter.

Lingolet Hybrid Interpreter is AI language technology plus humans.
The Lingolet Hybrid Interpreter platform is the most complete and innovative interpretation language
solution on the market today. With the Lingolet Hybrid Interpreter, it’s easier to break the language barrier by connecting interpreters and AI technology via an app and web applications.

Communicating Better with Lingolet Hybrid Interpreter

Lingolet Hybrid Interpreter makes remote video/audio interpretation easier, affordable, and mobile. Call professional interpreters in seconds anytime, anywhere.

Use AI interpretation for your personal use or human linguists for professional interpretation. Lingolet combines humans and AI language technologies and covers your needs.

Lingolet Hybrid is the first platform for certified interpretation.
On-demand OPI.
On-demand VRI.
Artificial intelligence interpreting.
Audio translation and transcription.

Audio Transcription
& Translation

On-demand Audio Interpreting (OPI)

Certified proofreading.

Human Proofreading

Administration Management.

Administration Management

Easy to call a certified interpreter for remote audio or video communication any time anywhere.

Reach certified interpreters on web or mobile application with Lingolet Hybrid.

Remote interpretation saves money and time. Choose the language pairs, gender, industries, and audio, or video. You get instant access to 4,000+ certified interpreters in 300+ Languages within 30 seconds. No appointment is necessary. On-demand sign languages for the deaf community are provided as well.

Respect Your Client's Privacy
With Free and Confidential
AI Interpreting

Leverage the productivity of AI for non-certified needs and respect your client's privacy with Lingolet Hybrid AI interpreting.

Less than one-second latency and 98% accuracy for the twelve most-spoken languages in the world.

AI interpreting supports twelve languages.
Use Lingolet Hybrid to interpret with AI in twelve languages.

Never Get Lost in Transcription & Translation with Hybrid Intelligence

Transcribe audio files to text with our AI transcriber instantly to get real-time speech-to-text transcripts in twelve languages. Add professional proofreading to get 100% certified accuracy. Live-streaming transcription as you need.

Audio transcription.

Audio Transcription

Real-time transcription.

Real-time Transcription

Certified proofreading.

Certified Proofreading

Translate and export.

Edit&Translate & Export

Link sharing.

Link sharing

On-demand Video Interpreting (VRI)

Document Translation

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