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Why Do Medical Documents Need to Be Translated?

By Camille Bouvet, Lingolet Intern

Why Do Medical Documents Need to Be Translated?

Medical staff can receive new instruments, new drugs to be prescribed, or new machines. And sometimes, the notices for new equipment are in a foreign language. In this case, the medical staff must use a certified translator to avoid dosing errors or damage to the latest equipment.

This has already happened in France: they mistranslated the instructions for a new machine, and many patients overdosed. Four patients even died from it. The medical language is exact, and during a recent practice, a new mode of operation, the comprehension must be optimal.

With Lingolet, you can join medical certified interpreters and translators. You can send your written documents through and ask for a human proofread. Using Lingolet will ensure you a perfect and accurate translation. Join Lingolet now!


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