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What kind of certification should a medical translator have?

By Elodie Charvet, Lingolet Team

What kind of certification should a medical translator have?

Medical translators work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They are responsible for translating medical information and diagnoses and treatment plans to patients who don't speak English. They also translate patient concerns to healthcare professionals.   

To work in the specialized medical translation field, an aspiring translator must be certified and enroll in a medical translating or interpreting program after graduating from high school. Applicants to a certificate program in medical translating should have advanced bilingual skills.  

Courses may include :  

- Medical terminology Interpersonal communication 

- Medical translating processes 

- Standards of practice Professional development  

- The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters offers certification for trained medical translators. 

To qualify for certification, individuals must first complete at least 40 hours of instruction; most certificate programs in the field meet these needs.  

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