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Translate files

Follow these simple steps to translate your files:
  1. After signing in to your account, select the source language that you’re translating your files from 

  2. Select the target language that you want your files translated to, you can also select multiple languages at once

  3. Upload your files by clicking to browse and choose from your computer or drag and drop your files. You can upload multiple files at a time if they are the same source language. There are certain requirements for what type of files can be uploaded and the format they will be returned, click on the circled i icon next to Upload one or more Files for more detailed information.

  4. After uploading your files, the total price will display based on the number of words in the file. Click Next to select a tier.

  5. We offer two options that you can select from to best fit your translation needs: 

    • ​Select Good if you would like an AI Translation only

    • Select Better if you would like the AI Translation to be reviewed by a professional linguist as well​​

  6. If you are selecting the Better option, you can click on one of the suggested linguists to choose them to work on your translation or click on the language button to view more linguists that are available

  7. Click Review Order to view the cost breakdown

  8. Click Pay to confirm payment and you will receive an email once the linguist has accepted your job

lingolet pg.png
View order status or download previously translated files
  1. Click on your name on the top right corner

  2. Click on My Orders

  3. Hover over the bar under the Progress column to see the percentage the project has been completed so far

  4. For completed projects, click on the project name in the list and in the popup click the file name to download the completed translation

How to translate files
View status of your download
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