Remote Medical Interpretation during the Covid19 Pandemic

Reach remote medical interpreters for emergency situations in less than 30 seconds without an appointment 24/7.  HIPAA - compliant.

Remote Interpretation: the Safest Way During the Pandemic

On-site interpreters are at risk during the pandemic and English speaking families can’t help patients communicate anymore because of restrictions.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and save lives, remote interpretation is the safest way to communicate with non-English speaking patients without spreading covid19.

With Lingolet, reach remote medical interpreters in more than 180 languages.

Reach Remote Medical Interpreters in less than 30 Seconds

The medical staff shouldn't wait several minutes to reach a remote interpreter.


In order to assure the best care to non-English speaking patients, reach a medical interpreter in less than 30 seconds with Lingolet.

Remote Medical Interpretation with Flexibility

When the medical staff is inundated with patients, healthcare facilities should benefit from flexible services.

With Lingolet, interpretation is by the minute. Reach medical interpreters instantly and move on to the next emergency.

Medical Interpretation Platform by Lingolet

Interpretation Device by Lingolet

The Lingolet Pro device gives you immediate access to a medical certified interpreter for all types of situations. You are only one button away from your interpreter.

Long-lasting power, portable and made to interpret in healthcare facilities.

Interpretation HITRUST CSF Certified
Interpretation hipaa compliant
Interpretation AICPA SOC2 Compliant
Interpretation GDPR compliant
translation naati certified

Total Privacy

Lingolet medical interpretation is HIPAA-compliant and fully ensure doctor patient confidentiality.


We set up your platform in 30 minutes for free.

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