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Lingolet Team Volunteer during the COVID19 Pandemic to Save Lives

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Andreas Ramos, CMO, Volunteers for Harvard Medical

Andreas Ramos, CMO

Andreas has engaged as a digital marketing volunteer for Harvard medical with their special ventilators program.

The program is designed to train frontline medical professionals to operate the mechanical ventilators needed to treat COVID-19 patients.

Doctors and nurses learn how to use ventilators within an hour, a process which normally takes up to five days.

The free online course is hosted at EdX, the virtual educational platform founded by Harvard and MIT. Digital marketing actions attract thousands of visits to the website, and more and more frontline workers benefit from the online course to save lives.

Luz M. Sanchis, Translation Advisor

Luz M. Sanchis Translation Advisor
Luz M. Sanchis, Translation Advisor

Luz is a volunteer organizer and translator for the Alliance of China-Spain Volunteers Against Coronavirus started by the Chinese community in Spain.

The Alliance organizes webinars with Chinese doctors for Spanish-speaking doctors around the world and handles more than 5 WhatsApp groups to enable direct information exchange about COVID-19 with first-line Chinese doctors.

She also actively participated in the fund-raising initiative Masks4Spain to purchase and send medical equipment and materials to Spanish Healthcare institutions organized by Spaniards dwelling in China with the logistics support of Spanish Embassies and Consulates in China. The team of volunteers has already sent 5 batches of materials to Spanish hospitals and raised more than 30 thousand euros for the cause.

On top of that, she regularly takes part in pro bono translation projects for emergency ventilators engineers and Translators Without Borders.

Clément Schneider, Director of Digital Marketing

Clement Schneider, Director of Digital Marketing
Clement Schneider, Director of Digital Marketing

Clément has supervised the launch of the French movement PourEux [ForThem] that delivers food to the homeless in Strasbourg, his hometown. PourEux [ForThem] is a way to fight precariousness through citizen solidarity. Some citizens contribute with meals, while others collect and deliver them to people in precarious situations.

Everything starts from the Facebook group. Citizens indicate what they want to donate by filling in a form and the distribution by couriers is organized by an application with automated processes. In a few days, the movement already has delivered hundreds of meals in the street of Strasbourg and a lot of humanity to people who need it the most.


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