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Lingolet Pro with Lingolet Admin Portal System.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The First and Unified Language IoT Management Platforms

Lingolet PRO with LAP System is the first and unified Language IoT platform that offers robust AI and Human hybrid interpretations on portable IoT devices, backed by the Lingolet Admin Portal(LAP) system.

Lingolet PRO is a smart and portable IoT device that offers AI-based machine interpretation and live human interpretation for businesses needing a simple and reliable language interpretation solution. It’s fully integrated with the cloud-based management portal, the Lingolet Administrator Portal (LAP), which adds security and manageability to the devices. Business Admins can configure the settings and manage the resources based on the business needs.

lingolet pro
Lingolet Pro - The first and unified IoT Language IoT Management Platform

Lingolet Pro - The portable Language device.

  • AI Interpreter -Lingolet PRO provides AI-powered machine interpretation in real-time for quick, short, and simple conversations. It operates in online mode and supports 12 languages for 2-way live interpretation with 97.8% accuracy. The AI Interpreter function can be turned on and off by the admin in the LAP portal.

  • On-demand Over Phone Human Interpreter -Lingolet Pro supports a one-click connection to registered professional human interpreters for professional, complicated, and long-term conversations. The human interpreters are available 24/7 and qualified with in-depth domain knowledge for on-demand over-phone interpretation. It can help you to save money and improve efficiency compared with the on-site translation. Currently, Lingolet offers Live Interpreter-as-a-service from over 4000 registered professional interpreters covering 300+ languages in more than 30 industry verticals. With LAP, business admin can manage the usage, online minutes, and accessible languages for live interpretation.

  • Portable to use - Independent and solid device for the language barrier. Click the button, and start the communication.

LAP for Lingolet Pro

The Lingolet PRO is managed by the Lingolet LAP (Language Admin Portal), the first connected language device and management solution for large organizations.

LAP lets language administrators manage the devices, grant permission, analyze and track the consumption, Human Interpreter calls, and get reporting.

Key Features of LAP for Lingolet Pro

  • Deploy: Administrators register new devices easily on the Platform. Devices can be enabled or disable in batch for a quick deployment for large organizations.

  • Manage: Set up the source and target languages for both AI and certified interpreter service and manage the consumption for live certified interpreter minutes.

  • Analyze: Business administrators can analyze the usages for optimization and productivity. Know which language pairs are used, when, and by whom.

  • Secure: User management and access permissions are supported in the Platform. User data can be securely erased to ensure privacy and data integrity.

Diverse Industry needs.

Lingolet's responsibility is to show how the cutting-edge language hybrid technology with the admin management platform LAP delivers the capabilities to communicate quickly and effectively to increase your company's growth and service to their markets.

We provide the most efficient service to all the language needs for a

broader global market by offering customized solutions to solve the language barrier

  • Medical and Healthcare

  • Language Service Providers

  • Global Business/Enterprise/Professional Organizations

  • Education (K-12, Higher Education)

  • Legal / Judicial

  • Government(Federal, State)

  • Personal/Travel / Tourism / Hospitality

  • Insurance


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