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Access to Interpreting Services for Small Businesses and Individuals during the Pandemic

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

On-demand remote interpreting, including on-demand telephonic interpreting (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI), is available but the expense makes it a service mostly for large hospitals, schools, businesses, institutions and governments. They have the budget and obligations under the laws and policies to provide essential language access.

What about small businesses and individuals that struggle to stay connected with their clients, esp. during the extraordinary time of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Lingolet Hybrid helps small businesses and individuals use remote interpreting services so that they can continue to provide services to clients who speak different languages.

Lingolet Hybrid interpreting mobile application
Lingolet Hybrid Mobile Application


1. High quality standard:

With Lingolet Hybrid, you don’t need to sign long-term contracts with remote interpreting platforms to enjoy the same high-quality interpreting services as the large hospitals, schools, businesses, institutions and governments. Lingolet has built a global network of top interpreters that are available to you anytime and anywhere, with consistent quality. The app is the perfect interpreting tool for interpretation in business, legal, medical and other professional settings.

2. Ease of Use:

You don't need to purchase or lease cumbersome devices and complex configuration. Just download our app and then you can enjoy the high-quality interpreting services from your smart device. Requesting a professional interpreter in Lingolet Hybrid is like requesting a ride with Uber but takes less than 30 seconds!

And the service is available 24/7 in 200+ languages and 30+ industries covered and a network of 10,000+ certified interpreters at your fingertips.

3. Pay as You Go:

No upfront and monthly subscription. We have included 200 complimentary minutes for you to try our AI features such as AI transcription, translation, and AI-powered dialogue interpreting. When you need professional human interpreting, estimate the minutes and prepay the cost and you are ready to request an interpreter with just one click.

4. Bonus Features:

Lingolet Hybrid app is a versatile language assistant. Apart from on-demand interpreting, we offer additional AI features such as voice memo recording, AI transcription, AI translation, and AI-powered dialogue interpreting. All in one app.

5. 250+ Languages:

Lingolet Hybrid interpretation (OPI and VRI) supports over 250 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).

6. Security and Compliance:

Your data is encrypted and confidential to you. Lingolet’s Human Interpreter Network is GDPR and HIPPA compliant.

Download the Lingolet Hybrid app now:


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