The First Platform
for On-demand
Certified Interpretation

Set your organization free.

Reach a certified interpreter instantly.





Certified interpreters at your service in more than 185 languages.

Medical, legal, governmental, financial, customer service, and many more.

Reach your interpreter anytime 24/7. No minimum time for interpretation.

Everything is private between your organization and your certified interpreter. No interpretation data is stored.

The interpretation platform: 
Reach your certified interpreter instantly 

Connect your Lingolet Pro fleet
or your own devices to the platform.

Monitor your staff devices

Select the language pair and industry certification for each device.


Ensure your devices can be used only within your organization.​
Grant your fleet of devices access to a specific IP address that you own.

Understand your language data


You have control over your devices and your data: You can track activity, languages, users, time, and much more.

Connected devices
made for interpretation

The Lingolet Pro device gives you immediate access to a certified interpreter.

Ready to interpret for your organization. 24/7.

You and your staff are one button away from the certified interpreter you need. Connect your devices to the Lingolet interpretation platform and start interpreting.

A portable device to interpret at any time and anywhere within your organization. Lingolet Pro is directly linked to your Lingolet management platform.

To interpret outside your organization you can allow your staff to use Lingolet Pro features during business trips.


Interpretation HITRUST CSF Certified
translation naati certified
Interpretation GDPR compliant
Interpretation AICPA SOC2 Compliant
Interpretation hipaa compliant

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