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The multilingual transcription of Lingolet uses artificial intelligence and professional proofreaders.

Per audio minute of transcription

Per audio minute of translation

Per audio minute of proofreading

Get 200 Minutes of Transcription and Translation for Free

Multilingual transcription is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for instant efficiency and reduced costs.

Submit your transcription to Lingolet's proofreaders for maximum accuracy or translate in twelve languages with AI.


The data is encrypted and confidential to you.

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Multilingual transcription and translation.

Multilingual Transcription and Translation

Real-time transcription sharing.

Real-time Transcription Sharing

Professional proofreading.

Professional Proofreading

How Lingolet's Multilingual Transcription Work

Upload files to transcript.

Upload files to transcript from your computer or from the hybrid app.

Record directly and transcript.

Record the audio directly on the Platform.

Share the link of the transcription.

Share your transcription in real-time with a link.

Submit your transcript to proofreaders.

Submit your transcription to professional proofreaders for maximum accuracy.

Translate with AI in twelve languages and 98% accuracy.

Translate with AI in twelve languages.
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