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Medical translation guarantees great patients care for healthcare facilities.

Why Is Medical Translation Crucial for Patients Care and How Can You Improve Your Service in 2020?

Medical translation is the practice of translating various documents like medical bulletins or drug datasheets for pharmaceutical companies, medical device firms, and hospitals.

Interpreter vs translator, do you know what makes them different?

Why Is Medical Translation Important?

Medical translation is important to avoid mistakes.

Medical translation helps Healthcare organizations overcome language barriers. They are always met with new language obstacles creating a need for medical translation across the globe.


Medical translation services are among the most important translation services in terms of translation accuracy and industry knowledge. A small mistake in the translation of documents or instructions for medical devices can lead to disastrous consequences.


These translations must maintain HIPAA compliance and other legal standards.

Legal translation also has to respect high-quality standards.

What Are the Medical Translation Services?

Medical translation offers various translation services.

Medical and healthcare translation services cover a range of documents, including:

  • Patient records

  • Medical findings

  • Drug labeling and packaging

  • Clinical trials

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Instructions for use (IFUs)

  • Independent medical exams (IMEs)

  • Patient instructions

  • Medical journals

  • Pharmacological studies

  • Physician manuals

What Are the Different Solutions for Medical Translation?

Medical translation can be done by human translators.

Certified Medical Translators

You can hire certified medical translators for important communications. This way ensures perfect results but is more costly.

Medical translation can be done by machines.

Machine Translation

Artificial intelligence solutions can assist you on a daily basis for routine translation. This way ensures you to keep the costs low while translating quickly.

Discover Lingolet Medical Translation Solution

Lingolet offers medical translation, transcription, and certified proofreading thanks to its mobile and web platform.

Lingolet Hybrid Platform

Lingolet Hybrid Platform provides medical translation, transcription and certfied proofreading.
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