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Medical OPI guarantees great patient care thanks to audio translation.

Medical Over-the-Phone interpretation (medical OPI) is one of the interpreting means provided by medical interpretation services

How Can You Use Medical Over-the-Phone 
Interpretation (OPI) with Lingolet In 2020?

What Is Medical Over-the-Phone Interpretation (Medical OPI)?

Medical Over-the-Phone interpretation (medical OPI) is the way of translating the conversation verbally from one language to another via the phone, enabling the parties involved to understand each other thanks to the medical interpreter.

They assist doctors nurses or other healthcare staff in understanding and conveying the messages of LEP, deaf and hard hearing populations. They make sure to preserve the meaning, tone, and context of the conversation.

If you prefer to see the interpreter you can use medical Video-Remote interpretation which allows American Sign Language medical interpretation.

You should know that medical interpretation can now be mandatory under certain conditions regarding the law in healthcare in 2020

What Are the Benefits of OPI for the Medical Field?

Perfect for Emergencies

Medical OPI is especially useful when healthcare staff needs to reach an interpreter as soon as possible and can't wait for the interpreter to come on-site.

Avoid the Risk of Contamination

With medical OPI patients can still benefit from interpretation whereas on-site interpreters can be contaminated in a particular situation such as a pandemic.


OPI is the most economical interpreting solution, it costs less than VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) and in-person interpreting.

What Are the Different Solutions for Medical Over-the-Phone Interpretation?

A Phone Call

You can use a traditional telephonic line provided by a Language Service Provider (LSP) to benefit from OPI. Although this method doesn't ensure the reactivity and the availability of the interpreters.

A Mobile Application

You can use a mobile application provided by a Language Service Provider (LSP) to benefit from OPI. The mobile application brings more flexibility and comes with automated linking to an interpreter.

What Is Lingolet Solution for Medical OPI?

With Lingolet, you can reach medical interpreters from top LSPs in Audio configuration thanks to our mobile application or our connected devices. This way, you are sure to benefit from a consistent service, a medical certified interpreter will always be available for you.

Smart Interpretation Devices

Mobile Applications

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