Improve Your Medical Interpretation Services
with Lingolet In 2020

Medical Interpretation services are a way to improve patient satisfaction. They ensure excellent care for every individual, regardless of language, culture, or ability. Unlike other interpretation services, interpreters are certified in the medical field.


In 2020, new medical interpreting solutions have emerged. See how interpretation works in the medical sector.

Medical interpretation services enhance patient satisfaction and safety.


30 days readmissions

Length of stay

With interpretation services in the US Hospitals.

What Makes Medical Interpretation Services So Important?

Medical interpretation services prevent miscommunications that can lead to incorrect diagnosis or treatment errors for medical professionals. Moreover, patients who misunderstand doctor's recommendation may suffer health complications by not following the treatment properly or taking the wrong medication.

According to Slator research, hospitals using an interpreting service, have lower 30-day readmission of patients and about a day less in the average length of stay.

It should also be noted that specific laws make medical interpretation mandatory for healthcare organizations in 2020.

What Are the Different Medical Interpretation Services?

Medical interpretation services enhance patient satisfaction and safety, various solutions are available on the market to improve your patient care:

  • On-site Medical Interpretation.

A face-to-face medical interpreter facilitates communication when a patient has difficulty speaking or when the environment is noisy.

Interpreters translate conversations from one language to another quickly and efficiently on the phone. Using medical Over-the-Phone interpretation is really helpful in the medical field and lower the costs. In 2020, this interpretation mode can be used with online channels thanks to online interpreters.

Video telecommunication service enhances spoken language interpretation and also allows the sign interpreter to provide American Sign Language Interpretation. The video configuration keeps visual cues between the patient and the interpreter, making this interpreting mode very effective

Why Choose Lingolet Solution for Medical Interpretation Service?

Lingolet is the first service HIPAA-compliant to offer:

- On-demand Over-the-Phone Certified Interpretation

 - On-demand Video Remote Certified Interpretation

- On-demand Medical Translation.

30 seconds
to reach an interpreter.

No appointment.

Interpreters are on-demand. 

Pay by the minute.

Save money.

Smart Interpretation Devices

Mobile Applications

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