Medical Interpretation Platform by Lingolet

Medical Interpreters

at your Service

A medical interpretation platform with Lingolet for Healthcare. HIPAA - compliant devices and on-demand medical interpreters.

30 Minutes Setup Time

Contact us and schedule a video-call to set up your Lingolet platform. Use Lingolet PRO or your own devices.

Medical Interpreters On-demand Per-Minute Billing

No minimum time for interpretation.

Interpretation Services by Lingolet for +185 Languages

Medical interpreters at your service in more than 185 languages.

Medical Interpreters Available 24/7

Our Medical interpreters can be reached anytime.

Doctor Patient Confidentiality

Our medical interpretation platform is HIPAA - compliant.

Medical Interpretation Devices

Medical Translation and Interpretatiion with a Portable Device

Interpret anywhere within your medical facility with a conveniently portable device.

Fully Secure for Healthcare facilities

Be sure the Lingolet PRO devices can only be used within your medical facility and track how your staff uses them.

HIPAA - Compliant

Our interpretation and translation device is designed for healthcare and medical use.

5 Minutes Setup Time

Connect the Lingolet PRO to the Interpretation Platform in five minutes.




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