The Lingolet PRO Connected Device 

The interpreting device designed for professional organizations. 

  • Call a certified interpreter from Lingolet Network in audio configuration.

  • AI interpreting: Talk and translate your dialogue with less than one-second latency and 98% accuracy. 

  • AI transcriber: Talk, Transcribe and Translate in real-time. Save voice, text and translation for edit and export.

  • Voice memo: Record, Transcribe and Translate your voice memos.

The data is encrypted and confidential to you.

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Human & Machine Language Services

Interpreting Network

Certified interpreters are at your service in more than 250 languages and for more than 30 industries.

Artificial Intelligence

English -​ Chinese - Spanish - Danish - German - French - Italian - Japanese - Portuguese - Korean - Russian - Thai

Total Security and Adaptability

Lingolet PRO is fully integrated with the cloud-based Lingolet Management Platform, which adds security and manageability to the devices. Business Admins can configure the settings and manage the resources based on the business needs.

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