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Lingolet PRO with LAP

Lingolet Pro handheld device reaches 4,000+ certified interpreters in 300+ languages within thirty seconds 24/7 with audio (OPI) interpreting.

Lingolet LAP (Language Admin Portal) management system lets language administrators manage devices, permissions, tracking , and reporting. The Lingolet LAP is the first device with a management solution for large organizations.

Lingolet PRO and LAP is the first IoT connected device system for interpretation.

The First Unified
Language IoT System

LAP for Lingolet PRO

The Lingolet PRO is managed by the Lingolet LAP (Language Admin Portal), the first language device with a management solution for large organizations.

It lets language administrators manage devices, grant permission, analyze and track consumption, and get reporting.

Manage Lingolet PRO with Lingolet LAP.

On-demand Interpretation
Meets Portability

Light, small, and with an easy-to-use interface, you can interpret conveniently anywhere within your organization.

Your staff reaches certified interpreters within thirty seconds 24/7 with audio (OPI) interpreting.

Lingolet PRO is a portable device to interpret.

​Respect Your Client's Privacy With Free and Confidential AI Interpreting

Leverage the productivity of AI for non-certified needs and respect your client's privacy with Lingolet PRO AI interpreting.

Less than one second latency and 98% accuracy for our twelve languages.

Lingolet PRO languages for AI interpreting.
Lingolet PRO offers AI interpreting.

The LAP:
Features And Application Details

The LAP manages the Lingolet PRO devices.
Deploy Lingolet PRO devices.


Administrators register new devices easily on the LAP platform. Devices can be enabled or disable in batch for a quick deployment at large organizations.

Manage Lingolet PRO devices.


Set up the source and target languages for both AI and certified interpreter service and manage the consumption for live certified interpreter minutes.

Secure Lingolet PRO devices.


User management and access permissions are supported in the platform. User data can be securely erased to ensure privacy and data integrity.

Analyse Lingolet PRO data.


Business administrators can analyze usage for optimization and productivity. Know which language pairs are used, when, and by whom.

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