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Lingolet Express AI — Phase ONE
Has Officially Launched

At Lingolet, our vision is not to follow but to lead. Lingolet leads the way with innovative AI technology that improves profitability, increases profit margins, and lowers costs. Simply put, our technology is changing the landscape of the language services industry.

Click on the Lingolet link to get started!

We invite you to experience the first 1,000 words of our AI translation services free of charge --- no strings attached. Have we piqued your curiosity? We thought so! Click on the Lingolet link to get started!

Steps to Register for Lingolet Express

It's as simple as 1-2-3


Fill out the "Sign Up" fields (First Name, Last Name, Email Address) and create a password



Check the "I agree with the Privacy policy" box

Click "Create Account"

Now that you're registered,
it's time to translate!

1. Choose your Source Language.

2. Select one or more Target Languages.

3. Click on the "i" icon for information on the correct file format to upload.

4. Click on the "Click or Drag to Upload" icon.

(Please Note: Once the document is successfully uploaded, Lingolet Express identifies the number of files, the number of languages, and the number of words, and provides you with the option to either "clear" to start again or "pay." For your first 1,000 words, however, you will not be charged.

5. Click "pay" and select your preferred method of payment. Your translation is on its way!

6. Within minutes (and depending on the size, possibly seconds), the software will notify you that your translation is complete. You'll receive this notification in two ways:

(a)    Click on the Menu icon in the top right-hand corner and select the "MY ORDERS" icon. If your translation is complete, you will see it displayed in green. Click to download.

(b)    You will also receive an email notification with an encrypted link informing you that your translation is ready for download.

Want to start a new translation? Click on the Menu icon again, and select the "Translation" icon. 

Want to edit your profile? Click on your avatar. 

Phase TWO
Lingolet Platinum

Launching the third quarter of 2022


Lingolet Enterprise

Launching the fourth quarter of 2022

Lingolet's Phases TWO and THREE will increase communication and collaboration among Clients, LSPs, Translators, and Interpreters. Our advanced technology provides a level playing field for all, regardless of the size or scope of your organization. 

Reach out to Lingolet for more information.

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