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Legal translation helps legal business translate.

What Is Legal Translation and Why Is It Important for Your Legal Business in 2020?

Legal translation is the practice of translating used in legal settings and for legal purposes. Legal writing is exact, technical, and culture-dependent, seeking to precisely define legally binding rights and duties.

Interpreter vs translator, do you already know the differences?

Why Is Legal Translation  So Important?

Legal translation is important because it helps avoiding costly mistakes.

Legal translation prevents legal and financial complications that can arise from even a simple error. In terms of a contract, misunderstanding can lead to non-compliance with the rules and lawsuits.


The translator must transpose the legal concepts into another language. Because of differences in legal expressions and traditions, the translator must be very specific about what language to use within the target jurisdiction.

The legal certified translator must be certified with the American Translators Association (ATA).

Certifications are also mandatory for the medical translation.

What Are the Legal Translation Services?

Legal translation offers various services.

The Legal Translator can translate various legal documents such as:


  • Identity Documentation

  • Financial Documents

  • Official Reports

  • Transcripts

  • Patents

  • Precedents and Legal Rulings

  • Witness Statements

  • Immigration Documents

  • litigation papers

  • Incorporation, Wills, and Trusts

What Are the Different Solutions for Legal Translation?

Legal translation can be done by humans.

Certified Legal Translators

You can hire certified legal translators for important translations. This way ensures perfect results but is more costly.

Legal translation can be done by machines.

Machine Translation

Artificial intelligence solutions can assist you on a daily basis for routine translation. This way ensures you to keep the costs low while translating quickly.

Discover Lingolet Legal Translation Solution

Lingolet offers legal translation thanks to its web platform and connected devices.

The Lingolet PRO

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Lingolet Hybrid Platform

Get legal translation with Lingolet Hybrid Platform.
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