Why Should You Use Interpretation Services for Professionals and How Can You Start?

Interpretation services make your company reach its international and customer care goals. They help you translate orally or into sign language the specific meaning of a person speaking a different language.

The language interpretation services for professionals.

In the US population:

10% have limited English proficiency

Representing 25M people

& 10M are deaf

Why Are Interpretation Services So Important?

Being bilingual is not enough to be an interpreter when words can have serious consequences. The language barrier can be a problem to ensure customers' satisfaction and provide professional service.

To learn more about the characteristics of an interpreter: what should you choose: Interpreter vs translator.

How Do Interpretation Services Work?

Interpreters have the linguistic and cultural keys to convey an accurate message. They can translate what has been said and clarify it if necessary, thanks to their precise vocabulary and knowledge in different fields.


Their trained memory and their impartiality ensure you a quality and professional service that a family member or a friend cannot provide.

The sign interpreter can also help the deaf and hard-hearing communicate thanks to the sign language.

What Are the Different Solutions for Interpretation Services?

On-site Interpretation

Face-to-face interpretation when there is no substitute for having an interpreter physically present

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Telephonic interpretation is ideal for lower budgets when assignments are short in time and accurate.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Video interpretation for deaf individuals or to keep visual cues and non-verbal communication factors.

Specific interpretation or translation services exist for each industry or particular needs. The interpreter is certified by the competent authority and delivers appropriate expertise, can work offline or be an online interpreter

Medical interpretation services for instance allow doctors and nurses to treat well their LEP (limited English proficiency) patients whereas legal interpretation services allow LEP defendants to attend a fair trial thanks to the interpreter field expertise.

According to the circumstances, you may prefer to use simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.

Why Choose Lingolet Solution for Your Interpretation Service?

Lingolet works with top LSPs (Language Service Providers) and develops an Interpreting Network for you to reach professional interpreters with unseen consistency. The certified interpreter you need is always available for you.

Thanks to its technology, you can enjoy interpretation and translation services in a flexible way.

Smart Interpretation Devices

Mobile & Web App

30 seconds
to reach an interpreter.

No appointment.

Interpreters are on-demand. 

Pay by the minute.

Save money.

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