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Hybrid Translator

Get your translations done has never been so easy!

Lingolet Hybrid Translator AI-powered, human-edited translation platform for all your translation needs.

  • AI translations edited and fine-tuned by professional linguists.

  • Support 43+ file types and 100+ languages.

  • Save 50% or more in both delivery time and money!

Lingolet Hybrid Translator brings you the best of AI and human beings: the speed of automation and the discretion of human intelligence.

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Standard Translation: fully AI powered

  • Translation ready in minutes instead of hours or days

  • Good for general purposes

  • 40+ file types supported, ideal for most documents

  • 100+ languages supported

  • Pay as you go, one flat $0.02 per word rate

Lingolet with professional Linguist
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Get Started with $20 Free Credit_edited.png

Professional Translation:
AI Translations edited by professional linguists

  • Edit and fine tune AI translations with professional linguists

  • Choose from our pool or use your own linguists for editing and proofreading

  • You decide your budget: pick the linguist who fits your budget

Powerful workbench for human editing

  • User-friendly editing tool for sentence-by-sentence review and editing

  • Auto translation memory (TM) matching and placement

  • Auto formatting and manual fixing

  • Segment by segment history tracking

  • Project/client TM for future projects for consistency and more savings

  • You can use your own translation memory or build your own while you translate. The more you translate, the more you save.

Lingolet workbench for human editing
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Lingolet direct-to-linguist editing service

Direct-to-Linguist editing service ​​

  • You work directly with the linguists

  • Linguists are paid when job is done

  • You rate linguists on their work

  • Bookmark your preferred linguists for future projects

You can pick from our pool or use your own linguists for editing and proofreading.

Ordering translation service is very easy. With Lingolet Hybrid Translator, getting your documents professionally translated is just easy as an ordering an Uber ride.

  • Starting from US$0.02/Word. No subscription. No obligation.

  • Try it now and the first 1,000 words are on us!

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