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Who Speaks Spanish?

By Melia Yanat, Lingolet Team

Who Speaks Spanish?

Spanish is spoken by nearly 540 million people in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Spanish is also spoken in Spain, Morocco, the Canary Islands, the Philippines, and Easter Island.

More than 35 million Americans speak Spanish at home, which makes the US the second-largest Spanish-speaking country.

 Is Spanish the same everywhere?

No. There are dialects in the different regions of Spain, such as Andalusian, Castúo, Murcian, Canarian, and Catalan.

The Americas have five dialects: North and Central America (mostly Mexican), the Caribbean, the Andes, Chile, and Argentina.

Each of these dialects has its vocabulary, expressions, and pronunciation.

This is somewhat like the differences in English in the UK, the US, and Australia.

 Why is Spanish spoken all over the world?

The sixteenth-century was the golden age of Spain. The monarchy of the time decides to arrived in  the New World. By colonizing first the Caribbean and then Mexico, North America, and South America, Spain imposed its culture and language.

The Andalusian dialect became the Spanish of the New World because the Spaniards were from Seville.


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