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Medical Interpreter Services at lingolet

By Elodie Charvet, Lingolet Team

Medical Interpreter Services at lingolet

Medical interpreters work with non-English speaking patients in hospitals, physician's offices, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and mental health clinics. They act as conduits between patients and medical professionals by listening to the professional and orally translating information into a patient's native language.

They have an ethical responsibility to faithfully transmit a message to the patient regarding the observations made by the specialist, and vice versa.

Medical issues are one of the most private aspects of a person’s life. Part of the ethical code of an interpreter is respect for the privacy of the person.

This is very human work, and so the interpreter must be introspective in order to be truly involved in the case, while also controlling their emotions and preventing each situation from affecting them personally. Maintaining objectivity is probably one of the most complicated aspects of this profession.


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