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What Is a Certified Medical Interpreter?

By Camille Bouvet, Lingolet Intern

What Is a Certified Medical Interpreter?

An interpreter is a language professional. He has to give accurate, precise, and professional interpretations to his clients. In the medical field, it is mandatory to contact an interpreter certified in the medical field to avoid big mistakes. There are several medical certifications for interpreters.

With Lingolet, you can join interpreters certified in a specific field, like the medical or the legal one. Sometimes, it can take so much time to call a certified interpreter in an unusual language, and it can be so expensive. With Lingolet, certified interpreters are available in less than 30 seconds and is costing $2/per minute. You do not have to pay for travel expenses, and this will help you to save money.


Are You Looking for a Medical Interpretation Solution?

We make medical interpretation instant and intuitive for healthcare services.

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