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We Need on-Demand Audio Interpreting (OPI)

By Camille Bouvet, Lingolet Intern

We Need on-Demand Audio Interpreting (OPI)

When people need a translation, it is best to use a professional interpreter.

But getting a certified interpreter for rare languages or a specific field, such as medicine, can be complicated.

It usually takes time and is expensive, but it is the only way to ensure that you get a quality translation.

On-demand audio interpretation is the best way to reach a sworn interpreter at low cost. Thanks to a platform, you can call the certified interpreters available on demand and be in contact with them quickly.

Everything is done remotely, so prices are lower.

Lingolet on-demand The audio interpretation tool allows you to call an interpreter in less than 30 seconds, with over 4,000 interpreters and more than 200 language pairs available. You can choose an interpreter who specializes in a particular field (such as medical or legal) and your preferred gender. Our interpreters are bound by professional secrecy, and all your data is protected.


Are You Looking for a Medical Interpretation Solution?

We make medical interpretation instant and intuitive for healthcare services.

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