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I Need Help Translating a Medical Document

By Camille Bouvet, Lingolet Intern

I Need Help Translating a Medical Document

In the medical field, if someone on staff needs to translate a written document, the task can be very complicated, especially if they are not fluent in the document’s language. This can cause misuse of new equipment or a mistake in dosages. This is what happened in a hospital in France in the early 2000s. Patients who have prostate cancer were administered overdoses of lasers, which caused the death of five patients. This incident was due to a misunderstanding of an English instruction manual for a new machine.

To avoid these kinds of errors, it is essential to contact a qualified interpreter when receiving a medical document in a foreign language. Even some similar terms may have completely different definitions.

With Lingolet, you can use the AI to have a first quick translation; then, you can ask for human proofreading to ensure an accurate translation without mistakes. Our servers are secure, and our interpreters are available 24/7, in more than 200 language pairs.


Are You Looking for a Medical Interpretation Solution?

We make medical interpretation instant and intuitive for healthcare services.

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