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What kind of experience should a medical translator have?

By Elodie Charvet, Lingolet Team

What kind of experience should a medical translator have?

Medical translators work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They are responsible for translating medical information and diagnoses and treatment plans to patients who don't speak English. They also translate patient concerns to healthcare professionals. 

 A medical translator must possess certain qualities and qualifications, including having specific abilities, skills, knowledge, and experiences.   

They must have these typical requirements :  

- Minimum of High School diploma or GED and fluency in two or more foreign languages 

- Have a solid knowledge of medical procedures and terminology 

- Have good listening skills Have the ability to maintain the confidentiality of information and records 

- Be able to communicate and interact with people over the telephone, often in stressful situations 

- Ability to work outside of regular working hours when need be - Be able to handle unpredictable changes and be flexible to meet scheduling needs 

- Must be someone detail-oriented and accurate 

- Be aware of cultural sensitivity issues.


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