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Medical translation for FIGS: French, Italian, Spanish, German

By Camille Bouvet, Lingolet Intern

Medical translation for FIGS: French, Italian, Spanish, German

It can be tough to find an excellent medical translator; medical language is precise and technical, so the translator must be certified in this sector.

But, the translator may not necessarily master all of the FIGS.   

What are the FIGS ?   

FIGS means French, Italian, German, and Spanish. 

These are the four main languages to master for an English interpreter. 

In U.S. hospitals, these foreign languages are the most significant demand, especially Spanish. It can be a very handful for hospitals to find a certified medical interpreter who masters FIGS.  

 But, employing a full-time interpreter is expensive for the hospital, and some emergencies may occur in the middle of the night. With Lingolet, no more issues ! 

You can contact plenty of medical interpreters who master the FIGS through the platform in less than 30 seconds and 24/7.  

Lingolet is an online platform compatible with the medical sector; every data is protected and encrypted to ensure the total respect of medical secrecy. 

Lingolet allows you to connect with more than 4,000 interpreters in 180+ languages!


Are You Looking for a Medical Interpretation Solution?

We make medical interpretation instant and intuitive for healthcare services.

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