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What Are Legal Issues in Medical Translation?

By Camille Bouvet, Lingolet Intern

What Are Legal Issues in Medical Translation?

More than anywhere else, in the medical sector, staff are required to respect medical confidentiality and protect patients' personal information. However, when it comes to translation or interpretation, medical confidentiality becomes an option.

Everyone's first instinct when translating data is now to use a free online translator on the net. But this does not respect medical confidentiality. Indeed, online translators, in addition to being approximate, do not protect user data and transmit it to data centers (these are the famous cookies).

This is why medical staff must use language professionals.

First of all, these translators must respect professional secrecy (whether they work for a hospital or not). This discretion has become a habit for these workers. Hospitals that do not respect medical confidentiality by using online translators can be sued and run a significant risk.

Lingolet is the perfect application for medical staff. It allows everyone to connect with a certified interpreter in less than 30 seconds and complete confidentiality. Lingolet is a useful tool for hospitals because it guarantees quality, fast, inexpensive, and confidential translation.


Are You Looking for a Medical Interpretation Solution?

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