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How Does the Lap Lingolet Work?

By Melia Yanat, Lingolet Team

How Does the Lap Lingolet Work?

The LAP Lingolet : (Language Admin Portal) is the first management solution. Organizations. It allows you to manage the Lingolet PRO tool.

It allows administrators to manage their devices and grant authorizations to analyze and monitor their consumption and obtain reports.

Lingolet has developed this ultra-complete solution so that the language barrier is no longer an obstacle for your company.

Here are the main functions:

  • The management of the company administrator : it allows, among other things, to add a company profile, different administrators with different access rights. You can also establish your company users' list to use the Lingolet Hybrid application and the Web platform.

  • Invoicing management : the administrator can consult the history of all purchases and orders, at what time, and in what languages. You can download the invoicing as a PDF file.

Reporting : the administrator can get daily, weekly, monthly, yearly data on minutes, languages, and users. You can deploy the solution according to your needs by creating accounts for your staff. You will then obtain a complete report on the use of the solution.


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