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Can I get freelance medical translation?

By Melia Yanat, Lingolet Team

Can I get freelance medical translation?

A medical translator is a person who plays a vital role in enabling better understanding and decision-making for foreign or non-native speaking patients concerning health care and all medical assistance. 

 The medical translator solves language problems, cultural barriers and has an excellent command of medical language and terminology. More specifically, a medical translator is specialized in the health sector and can translate a conversation with members of a healthcare team, explain a diagnosis and treatment, convert documents such as instructions or prescriptions into the desired language.   

 This way, you can get assistance from the best doctors without worrying about all the other issues, including language, medication, prescriptions, and many others. An excellent medical translation service can avoid many problems, including misdiagnoses that can be irreversible;  Get a qualified, certified translator with Lingolet.

 Our platform makes it possible to obtain a qualified interpreter in the sector of your choice (medical, legal, administrative, business) in less than a minute. 

Our team comprises more than 30,000 interpreters around the world, ready to pick up the phone to provide you with remote interpreting. The price is billed by the minute, allowing you to see your bill in real time and to stop it whenever you want.


Are You Looking for a Medical Interpretation Solution?

We make medical interpretation instant and intuitive for healthcare services.

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