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What Are the Benefits of Medical Translation Services?

By Melia Yanat, Lingolet Team

What Are the Benefits of Medical Translation Services?

To receive an accurate and safe medical service, a patient needs medical translation services. But it's not just patients who benefit; healthcare professionals, caregivers, and many pharmaceutical companies also use translation services.

That's right, a satisfaction study conducted in an emergency department in the United States on 2,333 patients showed that non-English-speaking patients or patients with limited English showed a higher willingness to return to the same department in the event of new problems when they received the services of professional interpreters than when they were not assisted by an interpreter (Carrasquillo et al., 1999).

Other studies also show an increase in satisfaction in cases where professional interpreters were used (Ku & Flores, 2005; Bischoff & Grossmann, 2007.

Thanks to an efficient translation service, doctors and nurses will be better informed about their foreign patients by translating their medical records.

The patient also benefits from knowing the details of any medical procedure or care to be provided.

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