I Have to Attend a Trial in a non-native Language.

By Melia Yanat, Lingolet Team

 I Have to Attend a Trial in a non-native Language.

You may be involved in a legal case once in your life. Maybe you have already been ? 

Whether you are in your home country, traveling, or living abroad, the language used in a court of law is always tricky to understand (no matter what country). 

Misunderstanding the exchanges can do you a disservice, whether you are a victim or a defendant. And you can obstruct justice by expressing yourself poorly.  

This is why most countries offer translators, but very few offer them free of charge.  Indeed, when you go to court, the state incurs considerable costs: the state pays premises, judges, clerks, prosecutors... all these people to deliver justice. 

Since citizens are expected to speak the country's language, as a rule, most democracies consider that translation costs are to be paid by the plaintiff (as in France, for example).  

Lingolet allows you to benefit from the services of a certified and qualified interpreter. Its services can be used in court by video call (all courts are equipped today). 

With a quality interpreter, you are guaranteed to understand and be understood without effort.  In addition, Lingolet is much less expensive than a private interpreter's office. 

With its per-minute billing, Lingolet allows us to save money while enjoying quality language services.


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