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I Want to Collaborate With Foreigners, and I Want to Be Sure to Understand Them

By Camille Bouvet, Lingolet Intern

I Want to Collaborate With Foreigners, and I Want to Be Sure to Understand Them

Working with foreigners can be scary, but sometimes foreigners perform better ! 

So how can I work with them without learning their language fluently ?

 Moreover, in a commercial activity, the language used is specific to the business. It is even more complicated to retain a clear and precise vocabulary in a language that is not our own.   

However, it is possible to contact an interpreter specialized in the commercial field ! An interpreter intervenes directly and is the intermediary between the two interlocutors. An interpreter must be certified, especially when it comes to the business world. 

Lingolet is a platform where you can contact interpreters on-demand in less than 30 seconds ! You can even choose the interpreter's specialization (such as commercial) or the interpreter's genre.   

With more than 180 language pairs available, do not worry! You can call certified interpreters via audio or video call directly on your smartphone. The application is encrypted and secure, so privacy is maintained, and no one can reuse your searches. Lingolet contains an interpreter platform and some fast, efficient, and safe translation tools. 

Don't wait any longer; join Lingolet


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