Legal Video Remote Interpreting is a new way to interpret in the legal field.

How to Use Legal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) with Lingolet in 2020?

Legal Video Remote Interpretation (legal VRI) is one of the interpreting means provided by our remote legal interpreting service.

What Is Legal Video Remote Interpreting (Legal VRI)?

Legal video-remote interpreters make sure that your client understand what is being said.

Video remote interpreting for the legal field (legal VRI) is an on-demand service that provides telecommunication between the LEP, deaf, or hard-of-hearing defendant or clients and the legal interpreter by the way of a device with a webcam and Internet connection.

Legal Video Remote interpreters make sure that the person who is the court participant whether they are a witness, a juror, a litigant, understands the proceedings fully as if the individual spoke the English language fluently. In fact, the legal interpreters have the same certification as the court interpreter.

In order to interpret in an audio configuration only, you can use legal over-the-phone interpretation.

What Are the Benefits of Legal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

Legal VRI is great for urgent situation.

Urgent Situation

Legal Video remote interpreting is especially useful when a legal interpreter is needed as soon as possible and on-site interpreters are unavailable.

Legal VRI is cost effective.


Video remote interpreting for the legal field combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation and is less costly than in-person interpreting.

Intepretation with VRI in the legal field is effective.

Interpretation Effectiveness

95% of judicial officers indicated in a survey that legal video remote interpreting allowed more effective communication between the LEP persons and the courtroom, according to the San Diego State University (SDSU) Research Foundation.

What Are the Different Solutions for Legal Video Remote Interpreting (Legal VRI)?

You can use a computer software for legal VRI.

A Computer Software

You can use a computer software provided by a Language Service Provider (LSP) to use legal video remote interpreting. Although a computer is not practical to carry around.

You can use a mobile application for legal VRI.

A Mobile Application

You can use a mobile application provided by a Language Service Provider (LSP) to use legal video remote interpreting. The mobile application brings more flexibility.

What Is Lingolet Solution for Legal VRI?

Get Legal VRI with Lingolet Hybrid Platform.

With Lingolet, you can reach legal interpreters from top LSPs in Video configuration thanks to our mobile application. This way, you are sure to benefit from a consistent service, a legal interpreter will always be available for you.