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Legal over-the-phone interpreting allows you to reach legal interpreter in audio configuration.

What Is Legal Over-The-Phone Interpretation (Legal OPI) and How to Use It with Lingolet in 2020?

Legal Over-the-Phone interpretation (legal OPI) is one of the interpreting means provided by our remote legal interpreting service.

What Is Legal Over-the-Phone Interpretation (Legal OPI)?

In legal settings, over-the-phone interpretation avoid costly mistakes.

Legal Over-the-Phone Interpreters translate conversations from one language to another quickly and efficiently via the phone.


They assist lawyers and other court officials in understanding and conveying the messages of LEP, deaf and hard hearing populations.


The Legal interpreter preserves the meaning, tone, and context without adding or leaving anything spoken out of the conversation or statement. He or she has the same certification as the court interpreter.

If you prefer to keep visual cues, you can try legal video-remote interpretation.

​When Can You Use Legal
Over-the-Phone Interpreting (Legal OPI)?

Legal over-the-phone interpretation is the solution for various situations.

Legal Over-the-Phone interpretation prevents the court or law firm from being liable due to non-professional or inaccurate interpreting. Legal Interpreters are qualified and certified to interpret for you during:

  • Lawyer-client Meetings

  • Depositions/EBTs

  • Legal Consultations

  • Hearings & Trials

  • Mediations Arbitrations

  • Sworn Statements

  • Examinations Under Oath

  • Correctional Facility Visits

​What Are the Different Solutions for Legal Over-the-Phone Interpreting?

You can make a phone call to use legal OPI

A Phone Call

You can use a traditional telephonic line provided by a Language Service Provider (LSP) to benefit from legal over-the-phone interpretation. Although this method doesn't ensure the reactivity and the availability of the interpreters.

You can use a mobile application to use legal OPI

A Mobile Application

You can use a mobile application provided by a Language Service Provider (LSP) to benefit from legal over-the-phone interpretation. The mobile application brings more flexibility and comes with automated linking to an interpreter.

What Is Lingolet Solution for Legal Over-the-Phone Interpreting?

With Lingolet, you can reach legal interpreters from top LSPs in Audio configuration thanks to our mobile application or our connected devices. This way, you are sure to benefit from a consistent service, a certified interpreter will always be available for you.

The Lingolet PRO

Lingolet Pro is a connected IoT device made for legal OPI.

Lingolet Hybrid Platform

Get Legal VRI with Lingolet Hybrid Platform.
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