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To become a legal certified interpreter in 2020, you must pass specifics examinations.

​How Do Certified Legal Interpreter Work and How Can You Get Started With Legal Interpreting?

Legal interpreters know an increasing demand in the US. As the population of the United States grows and becomes more culturally diverse, legal interpreters are indispensable. The legal interpreter is employed by the on-site or legal remote interpreting services.

Why Are Legal Interpreters So Important?

Legal interpreters are mandatory to avoid translation consequences.

The legal interpreter makes sure there is no misinterpretation. When one wrong word can have major consequences on a person’s life, accurate communication is critical.

A certified legal interpreter will be highly fluent in both spoken language and any other communication used by the Limited-English-proficient person or the deaf.

Legal interpreters need a thorough grasp of English and at least one other language, as well as an understanding of legal terminology and the United States judiciary system.

They can interpret in-person, with legal over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) or thanks to legal video-remote interpretation (VRI).

How Do Legal Interpreters Become Certified?

The legal interpreter's certiification is in fact the court interpreter one.

Legal interpreters work in all kinds of legal settings, such as courtroom and attorney's office. 

In fact, a certified legal interpreter is also a court interpreter. They must attend the same exam, therefore, interpret in States' Courts. Learn how to become a court interpreter.

​How Can You Reach Legal Interpreters With Lingolet?

The Lingolet PRO

Reach legal interpreters with Lingolet PRO devices.

Lingolet Hybrid Platform

Reach legal interpreters with Lingolet Hybrid Platform.
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