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Remote Legal Interpreting On-demand

Remote legal interpreting is indispensable today for your international business relations to function smoothly. legal interpreters must be available for you and your clients.
You can rely on Lingolet for a complete and reliable legal interpretation solution for your organization.

Remote legal interpreting solution by Lingolet is on-demand.

Remote legal interpreting is the new norm for international business, law firms, and court proceedings. They ensure social distancing, lower costs, and increased productivity. 


In 2020, new remote interpreting solutions emerged for legal certified interpreting. Lingolet is the first to offer an on-demand solution for the legal field with a complete management platform.

Discover Lingolet's remote legal interpreting services.

The Features of Remote Legal Interpreting

Remote legal interpreting services face specific challenges to deliver service. Different legal interpreting services on the market don't always offer the same qualitative features.

1. Certified / Non-certified

The legal interpreter is trained to convey the message in its entirety, faithfully, and accurately. He or she must pass the same exam as court interpreters and earn a State Certification or Federal Certification. The certification is of the utmost importance.

2. Follow-through / On-demand

Because legal cases and negotiations are complex by nature and often relate to past steps, the interpreter must be available to follow the entire process. On-demand services are instant but the interpreters may change from day to day, whereas services with stable interpreters aren't often immediately available when needed.

3. Legal Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI)

Telephonic interpreting of depositions/EBTs or legal consultations is usually done in consecutive mode. Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) improves your client services. Consecutive interpretation can be done with online channels thanks to online interpreters.

4. Legal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) bridges the gap between Over-the-Phone (OPI) interpreting and onsite interpreting. Video allows a visual view along with the convenience of on-demand service at the highest level of accuracy. This also allows sign interpreters to interpret for their clients remotely.

​​What We Add to Legal Remote Interpreting

Lingolet is the first platform for certified interpreting, artificial language tools, and administration management.

It is immediate, easy-to-use, and intuitive.

The management platform for remote legal interpreting.

Management Platform

Legal interpreters certification.

Certified and Well-Trained Legal Interpreters

The devices for legal remote interpreting.

​IoT Devices, Mobile, and Web Platform

AI technology for remote legal interpreting.

Confidential Artificial Intelligence Transcription, Translation, and Certified Proofreading

On-demand remote legal interpreting.

On-demand and Follow-Through the Case

Pay remote legal interpreting per-the-minute.

Per-the-Minute Billing

The Lingolet PRO with LAP

Lingolet PRO is a device made for legal remote interpreting.

The Hybrid Platform

Lingolet Hybrid Platform is made for remote legal interpreting.

Our Products For Legal Remote Interpreting

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