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Lingolet: The Language Company
Interpretation, Translation, Transcription.
Any language, anytime, and anywhere.

Lingolet is GDPR compliant
AICPA SOC 2 compliance.
Lingolet translation is NAATI certified.
Lingolet is hipaa compliant.
Lingolet interpretation and translation services.
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To facilitate global communications through continuous language technology innovation

Provide a unified hybrid platform with on-demand audio/video interpretation, AI translation, and transcription for the language industry and global organizations.

Lingolet makes language services more accessible, faster, and useful to a vast range of industries and chains of the global market, such as healthcare, legal, and business organizations which see languages as a tool rather than an obstacle. They gain time, money, and reliability.

Welcome to Lingolet Official Page.

Seamless Language Solutions

Lingolet is the first hybrid language service designed for professional organizations.

Human interpreters and AI translation

Human Interpretation & AI Translation

Always on your side with more than 30,000 certified interpreters and 185+ languages. Mixed the AI-powered multi-translation engine for easier conversation.

IoT Connected Devices and Applications

IoT Connected Devices and Applications

Use your own devices with the Lingolet application or use our IoT devices for a hardware solution at a minor cost.

On-demand Audio (OPI)  and Video (VRI) Interpreting

On-demand Audio (OPI)

and Video (VRI) Interpreting

Lingolet virtual interpreting technology ensures high-quality communication in audio or video configuration.

Artificial Intelligence Interpreting and Transcription

Artificial Intelligence Interpreting
and Transcription

Use Lingolet embedded artificial intelligence to interpret, transcribe, and translate with AI. The data is confidential and secured.

Administration management for interpretation.

Administration and Management

Use the LAP to set user and access permissions, add new devices on the platform, set up source/target languages for both AI translation and human interpretation. Manage the minutes for live human interpreters.

Interpretation and translation are cost-effective.


Pay the right price whether you need to interpret, transcribe, or translate for one hour or one minute. The billing is per-minute for all of our services.

On-demand Video and Audio Interpretation in Seconds

Leverage AI and Human language engines with Lingolet's Human Interpretation System that connects to certified interpreters in less than 30 seconds.

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Reach medical interpreters in seconds with Lingolet.

Ease of Use

Our interface is easy to use and intuitive as you can use our language services by apps, website browsers, and devices. Your staff doesn't need to worry about the language barrier anymore with our human and AI language technology.

​The Quality You Need

Every certified interpreter is screened and vetted to ensure the quality of service. Our team of specialists continuously monitors our linguists, making sure all credentials and certifications are up to date.

  • 4,000+ interpreters

  • 300+ languages

  • 3+ years in the field experience

  • Data encryption

Medical interpreter at Lingolet.

Regulatory Compliance, Privacy, and Security

GDPR compliance.

GDPR Compliance

HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Compliance

Data Encryption


Lingolet Hybrid platform.

Lingolet Hybrid Interpreter

Make remote video/audio interpretation easier, affordable, and mobile. Call professional interpreters in seconds anytime, anywhere.

Lingolet API

Ask us about our API.

Lingolet API.
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About Lingolet

Our vision is to facilitate global communications through continuous innovation in language technology.

We aim to provide the most efficient service to all language needs for a broader global market by creating the unified hybrid language platform with on-demand interpretation, AI translation, and transcription for the language industry and global organizations.

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