Calling an Interpreter

  • Sign in to your account and you will be on the On-Demand Interpreter screen

  • Enter the two languages you need to translate between

  • Select a Gender Preference if you have one or no preference

  • Select which Industry the interpreter should be specialized in

  • Click Voice Call if you want to do an over the phone call or Video Call if you need video enabled as well

  • Make sure you have given permission for the Lingolet website to use your microphone and camera on your web browser

Transcribe Audio Files
  • Sign in to your account and click Audio Transcription from the menu on the left hand side

  • Click Upload Audio File to select files from your computer or Upload from Google Drive                                                        Note: you can upload up to 10 files and they must be .wav format

  • Select the language the audio file is in from the dropdown on the top right

  • If you would like the transcription to be proofread by a human for an additional cost, click the checkbox for Human Proofreading 

  • Click Check Out to review your order before payment

  • Review your order on the left to make sure the information is correct and select from one of the three payment options on the right 

  • Click Pay Now to process the payment

  • You will be redirected to the My Orders screen, under the Status column you can see the progress of your order

  • Click Transcriptions under Completed Projects from the menu on the left and click on the file name in the list to view the transcription

  • Click the link icon on the top right to share a link to the transcription with others

  • If you would like to translate the transcription click on the En icon on the top right and select a language for translation

  • Click Ok to translate and the translated text will appear under the source language text once the translation is complete

io lingolet.png
  • Click Translations under Completed Projects from the menu on the left to view all translated transcriptions