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What Is an American Sign Language (ASL) Medical Interpreter?

Sign interpreter allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with hearing people and vice versa.

Why is the ASL Medical Interpreter Important?

Deaf and hard of hearing people use a variety of methods of communication, including sign language and speech reading. However, it is difficult for them to express themselves or read lips when health workers are wearing masks.


To break down the language barrier and treat the patient properly, an interpreter is vital.

To ensure a professional and safe interpretation, all American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

How Does an ASL Medical Interpreter Work?

This type of interpreting is rather complicated and requires each person to possess a high level of cognitive, technical, and linguistic skills in two specific languages: American Sign Language and English.


Sign language interpreting is not just replacing an English word with a visible sign representation. There are specific grammatical rules and sentence structures which apply to only American Sign Language.


Sometimes cultural information can be combined into the interpretations to accommodate the given language.

​Why Choose Lingolet ASL medical Interpreters?

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