Artificial Intelligence (AI) Translation Made Private

Artificial Intelligence (AI) translation is the most efficient tool to communicate in different languages instantly. As of today, data encryption and confidentiality are mandatory for professional organizations.

At Lingolet, your clients' privacy is our main concern. The data is encrypted and confidential to you and your clients.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) translation must be private, intuitive, and fast. We designed a solution your staff can use on mobile, tablet, and even IoT connected devices. Of course, with Lingolet, it is truly confidential and you don't share the data with us or any third-party.


Select the language pair, press a button, and talk. Hear the translation instantly and communicate better.

Lingolet's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features

Artificial Intelligence (AI) translation has been redesigned by Lingolet for professional use. 

Benefit from an excellent service in a private and confidential way.

1. Data Encryption

With Lingolet, the conversations are encrypted to make sure confidentiality is respected. 

2. Less Than One Second Latency

In less than one-second, hear the translation and communicate in the target language.

3. 98% Accuracy

Get satisfactory results for the fraction of the price of an interpreting service.

4. The Twelve Most Spoken Languages

English - Spanish - French - German - Chinese - Thai - Russian - Arabic - Italian - Portuguese - Korean - Japanese.

5. Complete Language Ecosystem

Lingolet also provides remote interpreting, transcription and proofreading, and management tools. Get the most complete language service with our ecosystem.

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